Kirin magic amino acid shelf life is floc

According to "Youth Daily" reported that the shelf life of the unicorn magic amino acids, not yet open bottle, the bottle appeared on the three groups of floc. May 14, "old Luo to help you" interactive rights section hotline to the public Mr. Chen complained to the scene after the interview, I hope the business sent to the site to properly handle the complaint, but wait for an hour and a half without fruit. That night, Mr. Chen replied that the business gave him 11 boxes, a total of 176 bottles of unicorn magic amino acids.

Mr. Chen purchased the unicorn magic amino acid has not yet opened the bottle, in the shelf life of the floc. Reporter Ding Jia photo

Magic amino acid shelf life is floc

May 14 morning, Mr. Chen to the newspaper "old Luo help you busy" interactive rights section hotline complaints that he May 11 afternoon in Hualian Supermarket Heze shop to buy two bottles of unicorn magic amino acids, one bottle also Not open the bottle, there have been three groups of green floc, in addition to the three groups of floc, the bottle was also turbid state of the beverage, turbidity can be seen countless green filament.

Reporters then immediately after the complaint to the scene interview to confirm Mr. Chen provided by the unicorn magic amino acid 500 ml installed, did not open the bottle, but the bottle upside down, the liquid will slowly leak inside the bottle as Mr. Chen described the situation. Mr. Chen provided the purchase voucher shows that he purchased the unicorn magic amino acid at 3 yuan / bottle price.

Bottle "QS" marked on the "production license" and "inspection qualified" words, the product for the Huarun Yi Bao Food & Beverage (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., manufacturer of Shanghai Kirin Beverage Food Co., Ltd., the production date of April 2013 9, the shelf life of 12 months, storage conditions, a column marked: "placed in a cool dry place, to avoid direct sunlight, please open after the cold and drink as soon as possible."

"If the knowledge is like this, I will not buy this bottle of unicorn magic amino acids." Mr. Chen said he accidentally found that there are three groups of floss after the beverage, the call on the bottle (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch of the staff of a staff member Mr. Ouyang contact with them, but the two sides meet only two or three minutes, the other side broke up, "I asked to retreat, the other side of the service hotline, A compensable ten, and give me a certain compensation, compensation is secondary, it is important that the other table a state, the other did not agree.

Huarun Yibao good after treatment "retreat 1 compensation 175"

Mr. Chen has provided Mr. Ouyang business card on the card, Huarun Yi Bao Food & Beverage (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch office address in the Shanghai Railway Station North Square area, the reporter contacted Mr. Ouyang, the other party has admitted to contact with Mr. Chen face to face, and Confirmed that the cap is not unscrewed, the bottle has three flocculent balls, etc., but the reporter made a further interview request, he has a special company corresponding to the media sector to be rejected.

2:15 pm the same day, the reporter calls the unicorn magic amino acid bottle body after-sales service hotline, clear the identity of the clear after the proposed to understand the cause of floc, how to deal with such issues after the interview, and hope that the other party to the scene to deal with the aftermath, The number of staff 8259 staff after listening to the relevant departments will be reflected to the reporter after the reply, but the reporter until 2:42 pm, neither wait until any phone reply, nor wait until any any reports from Huarun Yi Bao, the reporter Then call the customer service hotline again, get the job number 8251 staff reply is "reflect up".

3:45 pm, the reporter still did not wait for any reply. At this time, the reporter once again call the customer service hotline, the number 8259 staff to let the relevant person in charge of Ms. Chung to reply, Ms. Chung said it would actively deal with the complaint. 5:42 pm, Ms. Chung took the initiative to reply that has been in communication with customers. Author: Luo Yuan water draft selection: Single Ran

7:45 pm, Mr. Chen replied that reporters in an interview with reporters and repeatedly asked, China Resources Yi Bao finally arrived at his home aftermath, he did not explicitly put forward the specific claims in the case of the other side to send the 11 boxes of another But also the capacity of 500 ml of Kirin magic amino acid drinks (16 bottles per box), remove the original purchase of Mr. Chen bottle of magic amino acids, he also got 175 bottles, the equivalent of "back 1 compensation 175". He was satisfied with the deal.

"Lawyers say that voluntary compensation is not excessive rights

A bottle of non-Kaifeng deterioration of the beverage, according to "Food Safety Law" provides that also "back a compensable 10", now the compensation is "back 1 compensation 175", too much?

"However, the" Food Safety Law "has" refund a compensable ten "requirement, but other laws are subject to the provisions of the provisions of the actual loss of compensation, the guests do not have to say too much." Shanghai Shen Chun Law Firm Zhao Xinghai lawyers said, It is the obligation to provide evidence of the actual loss when it exceeds the "upper limit" of the Food Safety Act. However, the guests failed to provide the appropriate evidence before the business from their own reputation and other considerations, voluntarily give more compensation, are understandable areas, can not say too much or too much.


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