Quantitative Analysis of Amino Acid Substance by University Liquid Chromatograph

Abstract: Amino acids are the basic constituent units of biological functional macromolecules. They are the basic substances that make up the protein of animal nutrition. Is an organic compound containing a basic amino group and an acidic carboxyl group. The amino group is an α-amino acid attached to the α-carbon. The amino acids that make up the protein are α-amino acids.

High Performance Liquid Chromatograph Direct Analysis of Amino Acids:

Sample: Twelve non-derivatized amino acid mixtures (1 mMol / L)

Chromatograph: "Shanghai Ji Li LC600" liquid chromatography, quaternary gradient pump

Equipped with diode array detectors, evaporative light scattering detectors and chemical workstations

Detector: Model 500 ELSD Evaporative Light Scattering Detector

Drift tube temperature is 95 ℃, nitrogen flow rate 2.5L / min

Column: AlltimaC18, 5 μm, column length 25 cm, column diameter 4.6 mm

Mobile phase: A is water containing 0.1% TFA

B is acetonitrile containing 0.1% TFA

Gradient: Time 0min5min20min

A solution 100% 100% 60%

B solution 0% 0% 40%

Flow rate: 0.6 mL / min

Injection: 20 μL

Results: All components were completely separated within 25 min. The components were completely separated. The components were out of the order: peak 1 was serine, peak 2 was lysine, peak 3 was glutamic acid, peak 4 was arginine, Peak 5 is proline, peak 6 is valine, peak 7 is methionine, peak 8 is tyrosine, peak 9 is isoleucine, peak 10 is leucine, peak 11 is phenylpropanamine Acid, peak 12 is histidine.

First, LC-P600 high pressure constant current pump

LC-P600 high-pressure constant current pump is a microprocessor-controlled reciprocating dual-plunger parallel pump, with high working pressure, pulsating small, stable and reliable, easy to operate and so on. Its mechanical components from the computer-aided design, the major components are in the world's most advanced CNC machining center manufacturing, so with high precision machining, good sealing performance of the pump, parts interchangeability and so on.

The plunger rod is a floating guide structure, and the drive cam is made of high strength alloy steel. Using microprocessors to control the micro-step drive circuit, making the pump stepper motor running smoothly, low noise, speed adjustment range. LC-P600 high pressure constant current pump in the pressure range of 0 ~ 42Mpa, the flow can be from 0.001mL / min to 9.999mL / min. This satisfies the need for routine analysis to microfluid analysis.

In the single pump isometric analysis, according to the instrument on the Chinese characters display the LCD screen prompts, through the four function keys can change a variety of modes of operation, and can easily set the flow, pressure on the lower limit, continuous working hours, Pressure units and other parameters.

LC-P600 high-pressure constant current pump with process monitoring function. The microprocessor real-time controls the flow of the pump and detects the infusion pressure. In the case of pressure overrun, the alarm and automatically stop the pump running.

Can use LC-WS100 workstation, through the RS232 interface, control up to four pumps running, the establishment of multi-gradient analysis system.

LC-P600 high-pressure constant current pump The overall structure of the modular design, including mechanical parts and circuit parts can be individually assembled, so the fault check and exchange are very convenient.

LC-P600 high pressure constant current pump with double plunger parallel pump structure, double pump head alternately infusion. In the case of the same infusion volume, its output pulsation is much lower than the series pump, while the piston rod and seal life than the conventional series pump twice as long.

Second, LC-UV600 type UV detector

The LC-UV600 UV detector uses a parallel double-tapered flow cell, and the sample cell and reference cell are fully on equal conditions. Taper hole design of the flow cell, you can in the same pool volume case, improve the energy through the pool hole, significantly reducing the instrument's static noise and signal drift.

Optical system uses a precise positioning structure, so the high precision, small offset. The deuterium lamp holder and the optical path system use thermal isolation mounting technology to reduce the settling time of the instrument and minimize the effect of deuterium heating on the optical path system.

The control circuit uses the multi-microprocessor structure, separately manages the signal acquisition, the data processing, the system control and the communication. LC-UV600 UV detector in doing isometric analysis, you can easily through the entire Chinese character LCD screen and seven function keys, set the UV wavelength, filter constant, output range, running time and other parameters. And can achieve the switch deuterium lamp, spectral scanning, start the analysis program and other functions.

Another feature of the instrument is: LC-UV600 UV detector unique use of the digital signal directly output line structure. Compared with the previous UV detector chromatographic signals are mostly analog signal output or internal digital signal processing, and then converted into analog signal output to the chromatographic data processing device, and then through the analog-digital conversion. Such multiple transitions will inevitably lead to signal distortion and interference. The LC-UV600 UV detector through the RS232 interface to digitize the signal without loss to the LC-WS600 workstation for logarithmic conversion and integration processing.

LC-UV600 UV detector can be through the LC-WS600 workstation on the graphical interface to facilitate the realization of control deuterium lamp switch, spectral scanning, relay switching, wavelength scanning and other functions.

(Source: China Chemical Instrument Network)


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